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December 28, 2022 1 min read

Lovers, oh lovers, on this Valentine's Day

A mug from LemonsAreBlue is what they say

They want to show their love in a special way

A mug with a message, sweet and true, to say


"I love you more than words can express

Your love is a treasure, a happiness

I'll cherish each moment, each hug and kiss

And with this mug, my love will never miss"


So they shop at LemonsAreBlue's store, hand in hand

Their hearts full of love, as bright as a brand

They choose the perfect mug, with care and delight

A mug that speaks to their love, a mug that's just right


And as they hold it close, they smile and sigh

Thinking of all the moments, sweet and high

They'll share a cup of coffee, a cup of tea

Or maybe a hot cocoa, just you and me


Lovers, oh lovers, on this special day

A mug from LemonsAreBlue is on its way

To bring a smile, a laugh, and a warm embrace

To show their love, in every single place.

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