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November 12, 2019 4 min read

Finding the right gift is easier said than done until you take a look at Lemons are Blue's wonderful inventory.

These funny gifts are a hilarious way to make someone's day and ensure they have a great time with their new gift. Each item is carefully designed to win someone over as soon as they receive the gift.

Lemons are Blue continues to add to its selection and makes the gift-giving process simpler than ever before.


There's a certain charm associated with apparel and this includes beautifully designed t-shirts by Lemons are Blue.

The designs are unique, fun, and offer the right amount of hilarity to win people over once they put on the shirt. Each t-shirt has a vibrant design with a unique saying that screams quality. 

It's these little details, which make Lemons are Blue a treasured brand with some of the finest designs on the planet. Take a peek at these t-shirts and pick out the one that is going to make a great gift. These t-shirts include various designs such as "Save the Drama for Your Mama" or "I'm the Sassy Aunt" to name a few. It will be super fun to see the wonderful women in your life open these funny Christmas Gifts!


Tumblers are enjoyed by one and all when it is time to carry around a warm drink. 

With these tumblers, it's more than just a way to carry drinks. Instead, it's a way to personalize the experience and make it funny at the same time once it's put on a desk or table.

These tumblers are beautifully designed by Lemons are Blue and make people grin from ear to ear because theirs nothing better than personalized funny Christmas gifts! The designs include "Father of Wildlings, "Father of Dragons, and "One Lucky Mama" for those wanting to give a funny gift to their loved ones. 


When it comes to decorating a bed or sofa, there's nothing better than a beautiful pillow. With the help of Lemons are Blue, it's possible to not only give a great pillow but also make sure it's hilarious at the same time.

There are several beautiful options available through Lemons are Blue and each pillow has a certain amount of magic to it.

These pillows include options such as "My House My Chair, You Go Sit Over There," and "Not Tonight [Enter Your Name]" making it easy to give wonderful funny Christmas gifts.

Feel free to personalize these pillows and get them to look exactly the way you want them to. It's these little details that make Lemons are Blue an amazing brand. 


There's nothing more enthralling and charming than a gorgeous canvas.

At Lemons are Blue, it's more than just a canvas. It's a way to make others laugh and ensure they remember you for all the right reasons whenever they see the canvas at home. 

What makes these canvases special and empowering?

They are filled with delightful colors, patterns, and look the part as soon as they are put up. Plus, they are hilarious to look at and that is never a bad thing, is it?!

These canvases pack a punch and the options are endless for those wanting to go with something personal to them. Feel free to scour through the large inventory of canvases and pick out the one that is best for your recipient. 


Hats are great for all conditions and people love wearing them around town.

If you are going to give someone a hat, why not make it a funny one that brings a smile to their face each time they put it on? This is why it's time to look at Lemons are Bear's fascinating selection of funny hats.

The hats are captivating, beautifully designed, and come with hilarious one-liners that will make anyone giggle. 


If you are not a t-shirt person and want something for the colder weather, what about a great hoodie?

A funny hoodie is always heartwarming and is going to make the person remember you during those colder days. Lemons are Blue has an assortment of options to choose from when it comes to bright, colorful hoodies that feel great as soon as they are put on.

The designs include sayings such as "I Throw Like a Girl, So You May Want to Back Up" and "My Heart Belongs on the Field." 

When it comes to funny hoodies, no one does it better than Lemons are Blue, especially if you want to give funny Christmas gifts this season. 


The joy of a beautiful blanket is impossible to beat as you snuggle away during the colder nights.

This blanket is a wonderful way to personalize the gift and make it special in many different ways. Lemons are Blue offers a variety of colors, patterns, and designs based on what an individual would want the recipient to get. Whether it's a particular name, sport, place, or something else, the options are endless when it comes to this fascinating brand.

Take the opportunity to enjoy these funny blankets and have someone remember you all the time when it's cold.

Lemons are Blueis a reputable brand with some of the world's funniest gifts in its inventory. Anyone looking to make a person's day will want to take a glance at these hilarious gifts and pick out the best fit for their needs. 

Whether it is a gorgeous pillow, hat, or t-shirt, the inventory is jam-packed with amazing options for those who want to mix things up and get someone to laugh out loud. All it takes is the right gift to hit the right note and win someone over in a matter of seconds.

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