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November 11, 2019 3 min read

Custom stainless steel tumblers are the absolute best because of their ability to keep liquids either super hot or super cold for long periods of time. Regardless of temperatures inside/outside, a custom stainless steel tumbler will be sure to keep you warm or cold.

Have you ever been so drowsy, the only thing that’s going to get you through the day is your loving and trustworthy coffee? To add onto that, have you ever been so busy getting the day started with the kids or at work with so much on your plate that you completely forget to drink that coffee until it turns nice and luke warm, maybe even cold? 

We have the perfect solution for you! A custom stainless steel tumbler will gladly keep that hot coffee nice and HOT for up to 6 hours for you. Even on the days when you get so caught up in everything with all your tasks you forget to drink the one thing keeping you energized throughout the day. 

For those cold drinking friends, don’t worry!!! Our custom stainless steel tumbler will also keep that ice extra cold for you, so it won’t water down that frothy beverage for at least up to 12 hours later.


How Choosing A Custom StainlessSteel Tumbler Works

The process of choosing a custom stainless steel tumbler is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Choose the perfect size

2. Choose the perfect color

3. Choose the perfect customized design


A custom stainless steel tumbler is so easy to create and super easy to design.

Choosing the perfect size custom stainless steel tumbler is the first step of the process. We offer 2 different size tumblers for your convenience. We offer the option to purchase either a 20oz or 30oz custom stainless steel tumbler. Each tumbler will come with it’s own individual matching open sip lid. We also offer the option to upgrade your custom stainless steel tumbler cover to a sliding sip lid for an additional small cost. Most people prefer this option because it makes for a less messy travel container.

The next step in choosing a custom stainless steel tumbler is deciding on the best color option. We offer an array of colors to choose from for all of our customers to enjoy. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” is a real life, no joke, everyday phrase used! Whatever your favorite, friend’s favorite, mom/dad’s favorite, or even your grandparent’s favorite color, we more than likely offer that exact color or a version of that color available to pick from.

The final step to perfect your custom stainless steel tumbler is to create a design that is special and one of a kind. Whether you are purchasing for yourself, a friend or a family member, any design can be created specific to any occasion. Do you love lamp? We do too! Let us help you design an awesome graphic, or funny pun that will be sure to make you the highlight wherever you go!

The best part about a custom stainless steel tumbler is customizing it to fit to your needs perfectly!


For the Individual that YOU are

We all pride ourselves on being our own person. A custom stainless steel tumbler is the easiest way to stand out above the rest with a personalized design for the individual that you are.

You will never mix up your drink with anyone else ever again with your very own custom stainless steel tumbler. The etched-in designs on each tumbler is unique and will never rub off.

This is the perfect way to show the personality you have. Design a cool image that is something only you relate to, or something that explains what your love and passions are devoted to with no extra charge, EVER. Anything from animals, sports, to even your favorite child can be displayed on your custom stainless steel tumbler today!


Made in America

Lemons are Blue is a company based in America, that employs Americans every day. Each design is engraved, inspected, cleaned and handled with care and love to make sure it is complete perfection upon arrival.   

If you choose to purchase a color printed custom stainless steel tumbler, the design will actually be UV printed with a laser in a Veteran-owned facility that is located in Arkansas. It’s not very often you will find a company quite like ours. We are proud to support our employees, their families and our Veterans.

Lemons are Blue is a family friendly branded business with all of our items sold in our stores either 100% made in the USA or made in the USA with some imported products. We take pride in offering our custom stainless steel tumblers right here in the USA, just for you. By supporting our business, you help support America.

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