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November 12, 2019 4 min read

A well-designed, easy to hold travel mug is always nice to have.

Lemons are Blue offers an assortment of personalized travel mugs to make you smile from ear to ear. Whether you're looking to keep your coffee warm in the morning or drink a hot beverage, a well-sized and well-designed travel mug can make all the difference in the world!

Gorgeous Designs

What makes Lemons are Blue the best option for your next travel mug?

Whether it's a gift or a purchase for yourself, there's nothing more appealing than a gorgeous travel mug. These personalized travel mugs are easy on the eyes and will make you want to buy one right away.

Here's a look at some of the leading options available at Lemons are Blue.

1.) Mother of Dragons

Those in love with Game of Thrones will know the charm of dragons and what the symbol means. Mother of Dragons is special to many people and it can be a wonderful way to make a mom smile in joy as soon as she picks up the travel mug. Along with having a sleek, easy to use design, the mug comes with an opportunity to personalize your design by adding names.

When it is time to customize the travel mug, you can do so through the website and make it look just the way you want. This is what gives the mug a new layer of personalization.

2) Mama Bear

Are you the ultimate mama bear? Do you want to show appreciation for a mother that is putting in the hard work for her children? Why not pick up this gorgeous personalized travel mug and make her day?

The "Mama Bear" personalized travel mug is a beautiful addition to anyone's collection as it's unique, well-built, and looks the part. You can customize the design to have it read the children's name making it that much more special. Having something as empowering as this mug is never a bad idea and is a great way to show what being a mother is all about!

3) Daddy Shark

Yes, it is time to get started with the world of sharks and there's nothing better than being a Daddy Shark. This is why a travel mug solely designed to showcase what a perfect dad you or your loved one are, it's time to get your hands on this mug. It's a beautiful blend of colors, durability, and quality ensuring you will never need another travel mug ever again.

Along with having a beautifully designed shark on the front, this personalized travel mug allows dads to customize their children's names and insert them onto the mug.


Why are these the ideal options for you or your loved ones?

It starts with how funny they are! You get the opportunity to play around with unique sayings and phrases to make sure you get something that's in tune with modern trends. These are some of the most elegant, well-designed mugs and they pack a punch. You are going to fall in love with having it in your hands and even let out a chuckle every time you look at it. This is the beauty of Lemons are Blue and its fascinating inventory of products.

If you are all about the jokes then these personalized travel mugs are a must!


Along with being tremendously funny and easy on the eyes, these mugs are also some of the most unique designs on the planet. Lemons are Blue spend time meticulously planning each design to ensure buyers fall in love with what is in their hands. You are going to enjoy being able to drink your coffee in the morning as you look at the gorgeous mug. This is the joy of beautiful designs and what they can do. The uniqueness is going to win you over in a matter of seconds.


Thinking about giving a gift to your loved one? What better way to do this than a high-quality travel mug?

Not only do you get to buy them a great mug, but you are also going to personalize it to include their names. This is the level of personalization that is available through Lemons are Blue for those interested in taking the next step in their gift-giving journey. You are going to leave them impressed as soon as they take a look at the personalized travel mug.


These travel mugs are certainly easy on the eyes but they're also ergonomic at the same time.

Lemons are Blue has spent years analyzing what customers want including how they drink their beverages. By understanding these little details, the travel mugs have been designed with a purpose to ensure they're fully ergonomic. This means the mugs don't slip out of your hands easily and are going to be a snug fit as soon as you grab them.

If you are worried about getting tired with the mug in your hand then it's time to go with one of these products. They are simply perfect from all angles and will be wonderful for your drinking pleasure.


If you want something that's going to last for a long time and look great at the same time, Lemons are Blue has you covered. These are some of the most durable, well-made personalized travel mugs on the planet.

To get started, take a look at the inventory of personalized travel mugs at Lemons are Blue to make sure you find the right fit.

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